“Live Your Dream, Dance Your Dance”

Our Mission: Barb’s School of Dance and Desiree’s Dancers is committed to sharing their passion of dance with children and adults throughout our community. We are devoted to providing quality instruction in a positive environment. Our goal is to offer a variety of dance styles with classes at every level to inspire every dancer. Our staff members are each unique and bring their love of dance to each class.

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Note from the Directors:

Welcome to our Dance Family! Barb’s school of Dance and Desiree’s Dancers in Columbus is a Mother/Daughter studio operation owned and directed by Barb Ramaekers and Desiree Johnson. Desiree’s Dancers in David City is owned and directed by Desiree Johnson. We love to dance but more so love to give this gift to the children. Everyone has a little “dance” in them and we love to help you find it. It is our gift from God that we can share with you. It is not our job, it is our passion. We offer a class for everyone! Whether you want to dance competitively, just for fun or for exercise, you will find it here at Barb’s School of Dance and Desiree’s Dancers. Happy Dancing!

Barb and Desiree